Paintings, photography and home decor by

Karen "Zuk" Rosenblatt

About Me

My Background


As a former pianist and teacher who transitioned to Art after a strained finger forced me from the concert stage I can say that the creative spark finds a way to go on. Just let it burn.

My Dad, a commercial artist/illustrator had passed on and left me his supplies. I took his signature (Zuk) a shortened version of the family name (Zukoff) and began my journey. After studying various mediums I entered my first art show and won First Place in Oils. A new career was born!

My Medium

Cat sitting on artist's palette.

I have worked in many mediums and was successful with sales and awards in pastels, watercolor oils and photography. I have settled on oils as my favorite medium. I like the buttery consistency and the ability to work wet on wet or build up in layers. Oil painting gives you a richness and luminosity that you don't get with any other medium.

I have tried acrylics but don't find them as appealing as oils.

Photography has aways been a part of my creative toolbox and I often use my photographs as the starting point of a painting.   

My Inspiration


Although I have always done landscapes, animals (wild and domestic) and pet portraits I soon realized that my love for cats was the constant evolving inspiration for most of my work. I particularly enjoy sharing their beauty, mystery and whimsical nature.

Although my work is realistic I enjoy adding a bit of humor (realism with a twist). Animals (especially cats) are my favorite subjects and I hope that people who see my work will be inspired to treat them all with kindness and dignity.